About us

Who are we

De Koningh Advanced Technology (DKAT) works mainly on behalf of third parties. We are a small-scale, flexible and customer-oriented company. DKAT stands for precision mechanical and mechatronic expertise and accuracy.


Your product is produced, assembled, tested, packaged and sent in the desired quantity according to a certified process. We carry out various functional tests during production to guarantee the quality of the product. If necessary, your products are packaged in a clean room. This process is recorded in the ERP system, which guarantees consistent quality. Thanks in part to this system, we can manage the entire supply chain, ensuring that the products can be delivered on time and according to the correct specifications.


We produce high-tech mechatronic instruments, parts, modules and systems for machine builders (OEMs), laboratories and other clients. This may involve just a few pieces or larger series.


We have various production facilities, from machining to cleanroom assembly. The production facilities are certified according to ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 standards.


The company was founded in 1902 under the name “de Koningh” and at that time mainly built optical instruments for defence and surveying. Gerrit de Koningh was a craftsman with “golden fingers” and a great fan of precision mechanics. He therefore also acted as a working director at the company.


During the first 60 years of its existence, De Koningh were primarily instrument makers. In the 70s, this was expanded with coding equipment and cutting machines. These branches were divested in 2010. After this the focus has shifted to mechanics/mechatronics.


DKAT has traditionally been a company with a focus on precision mechanics and optics. Some of this can still be seen in the products that we make today.


DKAT consists of a small team of technically trained employees. Our employees are highly motivated and involved. Flexibility is one of the core values ​​of our team. The team consists of a mix of employees who have been employed by DKAT for some time and new employees. This ensures a good dynamic within the company. Meet some of our team members here: view our team here