DKAT joins Brainport Industries


We are happy to share the news of that DKAT became member of Brainport Industries.


Joining forces with Brainport Industries gives DKAT the opportunity to collaborate with the top companies in the high-tech industry. Why is this so essential? Over the past year, DKAT has focused on a more market-oriented approach in which high-tech solutions are invaluable. This has taken DKAT into new areas and led to new challenges. As a result, DKAT has taken a close look at the organization and possibilities to implement a new (digital) workflow. Our goal is to optimize the work process and to gain a clear insight into the progress of a project.


At DKAT we saw many similarities between our current themes and those of Brainport Industries. That’s why we like to share our knowledge in these areas with Brainport Industries, to create a standardized market solutions. Because of that reason, our membership to Brainport Industries is a “no-brainer” and gives us a lot of energy to work together on a better future for the high-tech industry.

Conbit High Tech and DKAT merge for a sustainable future


We are happy to share the news of the recent merger between Conbit High Tech and DKAT.


On December 20th 2022, Conbit High Tech completed the acquisition of De Koningh Advanced Technology (DKAT). Together, Conbit High Tech and DKAT will serve clients in the medical, instrumentation, semiconductor and other high tech industries with a broader range of services. DKAT’s expertise in assembly and production of high tech mechatronic instruments, components and systems will add to the strong engineering capabilities of Conbit’s team of engineers. This extension of services will be of benefit to our current and future clients.


Jacco Wanten, Conbit’s High Tech Director explains: “With investing in production and assembly capacity, Conbit High Tech shows its eagerness to grow as a supplier to the High Tech industry in the Eindhoven area.  Our ambition is not stopping at becoming a solid supplier to the semiconductor industry. We aim to diversify into other High Tech industries. The acquisition of DKAT will accelerate this process.”

Currently, DKAT is supplying to OEM’s in all kind of market segments with focus on semiconductor industry, laboratories, and medical devices manufacturers. Both DKAT and Conbit High Tech are motivated to keep improving the relationship with these current clients. We expect to serve the current clients of DKAT better with a broader range of services, such as in-house engineering support and project management.


Conbit will support investments in DKAT. It is currently investigating the possibilities to renew the production facility of DKAT. The options at the current facility are studied as well as alternative neighboring facilities are evaluated. By improving the facilities, the working conditions will be improved and the production capacity will be increased for machining and cleanroom assembly.


Marc Plomp, General Manager DKAT says that “with the merger with Conbit High Tech, we feel we embarked a bright sustainable future for both our employees, as well as our clients.” He specifically mentions the DKAT employees as the most valuable asset of the company. “I am proud and pleased that Conbit showed its commitment to nurture DKAT’s workforce as their own.”


About Conbit
Conbit will celebrate its 30 year anniversary next year. What started as a structural engineering company, grew into a turnkey lifting contractor. From 2017 until recently, Conbit has been part of Mammoet (subsidiary of SHV). In this period, Conbit started its High Tech business unit serving a big client in the semiconductor industry. Conbit high Tech is determined to become a full scale supplier of lifting ,handling and transporting systems to the semiconductor and other high tech industries. The acquisition of DKAT fits will within this strategy.

New logo DKAT – De Koningh Advanced Technology

Since mid 2022 our logo has been revised to promote our initials “DKAT” within the design.


To bring the past and present together, the full name is also displayed next to the complete company name. Underneath both logo’s we displayed our slogan which is linked to simply care about our customers.


The new logo will be interegrated in phases on our official documents.

DKAT needs CNC programmer/operator

DKAT is looking for a (student) CNC programmer/operator.
Sounds interesting right? Do you like to join our team?


Please look at the vacancies page to apply to the job or send your resume to