Our team

Marco Willems

Hi, I’m Marco Willems. I have been working at DKAT since 2016 as a CNC metalworker. I followed my training as a conventional and all-round machine worker at DKAT. The work at DKAT is varied, which provides me with extra motivation. I really enjoy those jobs where you have to be accurate due to the small dimensions and tolerances.

Ronald de Vries

Hello, my name is Ronald de Vries. I have been working at DKAT since 2006. I started in the assembly department. After being a cluster leader for a number of years, I progressed to main assembly. Since 2018, I also look after internal sales and QA duties. The work at DKAT is varied and challenging. Together with our close and collegial team, we produce beautiful products and we try to serve our customers as well as possible. We like to look after our customers. We do this by making clear agreements and also keeping them. If a delay should occur after all, we inform our customers about this in good time.


Jan Kamps

Hello, my name is Jan Kamps. I have been working as a turner at DKAT for 41 years. My preference is mainly for conventional turning. I am also a CNC turner/programmer. I work well independently, but I also feel at home in a team. I enjoy the technical challenges in my work.

Gerard Lichtenberg

Hello, my name is Gerard Lichtenberg. I have been with DKAT since 1988. I started in the workplace as a conventional/CNC turner. After a few years, I started to delve into CNC milling, after which I progressed via being workshop chief to main production. I am involved in the planning of the machining department and also do the work preparation. I also take care of the purchase of raw material and the necessary tools. In addition, I have been involved in part of the logistics for a number of years. This means that the work is very varied.

André Stevens

Hello, my name is André. I have been working at DKAT since 2007, but it doesn’t seem that long, thanks to the collegiality and fun atmosphere at work. I work partly on assembly and partly in the measuring room, this makes my work diverse. Often the numbers are not large, so there is enough variety. Thinking along is appreciated, which means you can also use your creativity to look for improvements in the processes. There are many types of work, so it’s never boring.

Elvira Willemsen

My name is Elvira Willemsen. I have been working at DKAT since 1989. I started in the assembly department. In 2007 I went on to do revision management. A few years later I started to assist with purchasing. Now I do the full purchasing and QA. I enjoy working at DKAT and have a lot of variety in my work. We have a good consultation structure that enables us to meet the wishes of our customers.

Martin de Wit

Hello I am Martin de Wit. I have been a financial controller at DKAT since 2001. It is a dynamic company with many different disciplines which makes the work interesting. We have a number of customers with whom we have a very long-term relationship.

Bram krikke

Hi, I’m Bram. Since 2006 I have been working at DKAT as a miller. I mill various parts at DKAT mostly in small series, this makes the work fun and varied. I have a group of nice colleagues who are willing to help each other out and there is a relaxed atmosphere within the company.

Jessica meester

Hi, I am Jessica Meester. I have been working at DKAT since 2000 in the assembly department. The work is very varied, one moment you can be gluing and an hour later you might be soldering. That makes the work fun and challenging.