For the pharmaceutical industry, DKAT produces the PharmaHelp, a frame with X-Y-Z manipulator for mixing cytostatics (chemotherapy) that is built in a LAF cabinet.
The PharmaHelp has been designed in collaboration with the client. The plastic and stainless steel parts are fully machined by DKAT, whereby the finishing is an important aspect. The units are mechanically and electronically tested after assembly.

O² measuring block

O² measuring block is a measuring block for measuring the oxygen content in beer. These blocks are produced in-house by DKAT. The blocks are provided with light guides and a special coating. The blocks are then further processed and tested for leaks.

The products are produced via a framework contract, so that they can be delivered quickly on demand.

Coating holder

A coating holder for use in the process industry. These coating holders are produced in-house by DKAT. An optical component is glued to which a coating is applied. The coating holders are then tested for leaks and packaged in a light-tight package.

Light guide

Light guides are produced and glued at DKAT. They consist of metal and plastic turning parts and a glass light guide.


The i-ARM is a robot arm for a wheelchair. This has been developed by our customer. DKAT has continued to develop together with the customer by fitting a number of motors locally in the arm. Previously, these were located outside the arm and the transmission was provided by toothed belts.