Measurement and control


For a leading supplier in the field of groundwater monitoring, DKAT designed and produces the “Diver”. They are produced in a ceramic or stainless steel version and are equipped with electronics and a pressure sensor. The stainless steel housing is turned fully automatically and laser-engraved with a unique barcode. A pressure sensor is soldered on a print and tested at our assembly department. The “Divers” are programmed before delivery to the buyer.


Functional reliability is essential because the Divers must be able to collect data for a long time without any interim checks.


Assembly of flow meters for compressed air monitoring. The flow meters are assembled and tested according to customer specifications. The engineering was done by the client and, after intensive transfer of the specific knowledge, the assembly takes place at DKAT.


By keeping parts and subassemblies in stock, DKAT is a reliable partner that can deliver on short notice with high flexibility.

Pressure sensor

The pressure sensor is used for inline pressure and temperature measurements in beer pipes. It has a stainless steel housing in which a print with pressure sensor is mounted. This housing is cast with a casting resin and closed by means of laser welding. After assembly, it is tested for functionality and linearity.